Our Team

Suzanne Williams

A professional blog/news writer having more than 3 years of industry experience. Suzanne is a proud holder of Master’s Degree in Literature and has knack of reading and loves the Novels. She has helped many organizations with research writing and successfully converted her passion into profession. She is extremely social and is an ardent dog-lover. Suzanne has quite a girl-next-door personality who is fun loving and very positive in nature.

Dennis Dehaven

Dennis has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and is a journalist by profession who has a keen interest in the latest technology. He is a business contributor and cloaks all events and news in the financial and business vertical across the world. He keeps a keen eye on the latest technology and business around the world. Trying his hands on the updated gadgets which are integrated with the enhanced technology is a hoppy which makes him engrossed.

Selena Buffay

Selena is in charge of the content department and is well-equipped with words. Her sharp choice of words and compelling formation of sentences brings about interest in the reader and makes it a worthy article. Selena is wise, witty, and sharp with a dash of humble which are traits that reflect in her writing style.