Go-Pro Launches Two Action Cameras, Can Also Be Used In 10 Meters Deep Water

Go Pro recently launched two new action cameras in the Indian market. It includes Hero 8 Black and Go Pro Max Action Camera. Hero 8 Black has been launched as an upgrade version of Hero 7 Black. Whereas Go Pro Max has been launched on the upgrade variant of Go Pro Fusion. The price of Hero 8 Black is Rs 36,500 and Go Pro Max is Rs 40 thousand.

Hero 8 Black 20 and Go Pro Max available for sale from October 24

It will get a new frameless design. It costs Rs 36,500. Its sale in India will start from October 20. Pre-booking of the modes will begin from December. This includes Light Mode (Rs. 3540), Display Mode (Rs. 5680) and Media Mode (Rs. 5680).  Hero 8 has a front facing microphone for better audio. Its right side has micro SD card slot, battery and USB Type-C port. The camera can be used for professional blogging. Its media mode has a built-in shotgun micro phone and two cold shoe mounts for secondary display and LED light. The display mode offers a 1.9-inch external foldable screen and with the help of light mode, the camera can be used in 10 meters deep water.


The company launched the second camera Go Pro Max. It has been launched as an upgrade version of Go Pro Fusion. Like the Hero 89 Black, it also has foldable mounting finders, dual lenses for 360 degree video and photography, and 6 microphones to capture 360 ​​degree audio. Like the Fusion, the Go Pro Max will also see only one lens at a time. That is, according to the activity, it can be used like a traditional action camera and 360 degree camera. The price of Go Pro Max is 47 thousand rupees. Its first sale will start on October 24. It can be used in 5 meter deep water. Built-in GPS, HD recording can be done in it.

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