Facebook buys startup promoting cryptocurrency

The giant Facebook, which is going to launch its cryptocurrency Libra next year, has bought a startup company ServiceFriend to promote its experiences. Israel-based servicefriend company Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes bots for messaging apps. It is known for creating hybrid boat architecture. ┬áThe company provides the enterprise the scalability of a bot with human intelligence, understanding and empathy. A Facebook spokesperson to TechCrunch said, “We keep buying small tech companies from time to time. We don’t always uncover our plans.” “Facebook plans to create a range of financial services through libra cryptocurrency to send money to experts, pay bills, top up phones, buy things and more,” the report said.

ServiceFriend has served many leading enterprises around the world. The servicefriend had built a hybrid boat for telecom company Globe Telecom, which the company used as a messenger. Through this, the company was able to provide meaningful and efficient customer service. The hybrid boat increased the company’s productivity by 3.5 times and saw a 50 percent decrease in calls to the hotline. The servicefriend’s boat helped all customers to receive equally meaningful and efficient services each time. He had a similar experience. The new digital wallet for Libra Currency will be available on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Along with this, its own app will also be launched in 2020.

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