Divers Discovered Two Ships That Went Missing 140 Years Ago

Two ships missing 140 years ago have been found in the northern seas of Michigan in the US. They were being searched for 10 years. Bernie Hellstrom, a ship-searching diver and marine historian, gave this information. He said – Both ships met about 200 feet below sea. They are completely rotten. Only their structures are left.

The marine historian said, the ship went missing in 1878. Their names are Peshtigo and St. Andrews. At the time when they went missing, there were two crew members, including the captain. According to Hellstrom, he had to enlist the help of several divers to find the ship. At the same time, American maritime historians are calling it a spectacular discovery.

Ships used to carry coal

Bernie Hellstrom reported that the Peshtigo was 161 feet tall and St. Andrews 143 feet tall. They were used to carry coal. It is believed that both ships were submerged due to the collision of a rock.

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