3 Billion Birds Have Disappeared From America and Canada in 50 Years

The number of birds in North America has decreased by 3 billion in the last 50 years. There were 10.1 billion birds in the US and Canada 5 decades ago, which has now come down to 7.2 billion. These things have come to light in Cornell University’s research. According to research published in Science Journal, these need to be taken care of, lest it be delayed.

The population of birds known by the weather radar

Researchers have collected data on bird numbers using weather radars. Which gives information about the herd of birds. Computer models were also used to explain the trend of 529 bird species of North America in 13 surveys conducted on birds since 1970. Researchers say that not all but three-fourth of the species of birds have been affected.

Researcher Rubega says that the 3 billion birds that used to eat insects that damage crops and spread diseases such as encephalitis have migrated from the world. It is a matter of thinking. The worst is that of the easily recognized bird sparrow. However the number of all sparrows is not decreasing. As the bluebird population is increasing.

According to the researchers, the biggest reason for the decrease in the population of birds is their habitat loss. Cats are a major cause of bird deaths in the US and Canada, a 2015 research says. Which kills 26 million sparrows every year. In addition, 62.4 million birds die after hitting windows and 2.14 million birds collide with cars. Researchers say cats have to be kept indoors to increase the number of birds. The windows have to be used in such a way that there is no problem for the birds. Along with this, the use of chemicals in farming has to be reduced.

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