Cancer Patients Will Not Have To Lose Hair Due To Chemotherapy, Devise New Way Of Treatment

Cancer is good news for patients. Scientists have devised a new way of treating cancer patients. Scientists claim that the new method of treatment is more effective than chemotherapy. Not only this, scientists have devised a method, which will give great relief to cancer patients. They will no longer have to lose their hair during chemotherapy. Any kind of cancer, it definitely brings wrinkles on the forehead of people, because its treatment is very difficult. In some cases there is treatment even if it is very expensive. Now a new method has been devised to deal with it. Scientists have detected small bubbles in our body, which can prove useful in the treatment of cancer. Scientists claim that these bubbles can fight disease better than chemotherapy. They are also called external cells or extracellular vesicles (EVs).

Our body cells release very small-sized bubbles, which transfer genetic material such as DNA and RNA to other cells. It is your DNA, which stores the necessary and important information for RNA to produce proteins and ensures that they continue to function accordingly. According to researchers, the extracellular vesicles found in our body target cancer cells by combining drugs and genes. The researchers’ study has been published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, which was based on breast cancer cells in mice. The lead author of this study and assistant professor at Michigan State University, Massamitsu Canada, said that what we have done could prove to be a better way of delivering enzyme-producing genes into the body. It can target tumor cells by turning some drugs into toxic agents. He said that these drugs (prodrug) initially remain as inactive compounds, but immediately become active once they reach within the body and start fighting cancer cells.

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