Stress Affects the Heart, Brain and Intestines

Human beings have the ability to withstand stress, but for a limited time. Recent studies have shown that when stress persists for a long time, it proves fatal in many ways. It affects the heart, brain and vital organs the most. While research is being done on the dangers of stress around the world, remedies are being found to reduce it, but it is also true that the new generation has been strongly attacked. India is also not untouched. Know the main causes of stress, damage to the body and measures to avoid it:

A 2018 survey of Signa TTK Health Insurance found that 89 percent of Indians are experiencing stress. At the same time, the average percentage of people in the world suffering from constant stress is 86. Subsequently, in January 2019, researchers conducted a survey in 120 villages in India and tried to find out what happens to the newborn when the mother is under stress? Research has revealed shocking things. It has been found that if the mother is under constant stress, then it affects the child of 12 to 18 months in five ways – height, weight, movement of hands, legs, learning and understanding as well as linguistic ability. The reasons for stress can vary. Whatever the reason may be the pressure of work, sour relations or financial constraints, but the effects are the same. The higher the stress, the more our body will have to deal with the stress hormone cortisol. In some cases stress becomes permanent and this condition is very bad.

If stress has been in the body for a long time, then it affects the mind. Human’s mental strength gets weaker. His mood keeps on changing. A little stress is good. This increases the resistance, but reduces the resistance if the stress remains for a long time.

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