Cancer Detection Easy, Low Cost Will Identify With Urine Test

There are more than 100 types of cancer. Most cancers are named after the organ or cells in which they originate. Nowadays people are most worried about stomach cancer. Its cases have increased gradually over the years. Talking about the symptoms of stomach cancer, its symptoms are not clear in the beginning. But scientists have recently done such a research, with the help of which cancer can now be detected in its early stages.  Now cancer can be identified with the help of an easy urine test. Changing the color of urine in this test will identify cancer.

According to scientists, with the help of this test in the future, it will be easy to identify this deadly disease soon. Studies conducted on mice showed that mice who had colon cancer turned blue during the urine test. Scientists hope that this test will help develop a new diagnostic tool that will be significantly cheaper than current technologies. Early detection of cancer increases the patient’s chances of survival as treatment can be started as soon as possible. The study, conducted by researchers at the Imperial College of London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.  Researcher Professor Molly Stevens said, this test can be done easily without expensive lab equipment. Cancer can be identified only with the change in color with the help of a chemical reaction. Urine samples from 28 mice were tested in this study. Among these, colon cancer was identified in 14 mice.

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