Russia Said- India Will Get S-400 Air Defense Missile System in Next 18-19 Months

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said on Sunday that the delivery of the S-400 Air Defense Missile System would be delivered to India in due time. Borisov told broadcaster Rosia-1 that payments had been made on behalf of India. It will be handed over to India in 18 to 19 months.

The deal was signed on 5 October last year at the India-Russia annual bilateral meeting for the defense system. India signed a $ 5.43 billion (Rs 38 thousand 933 crore) agreement with Russia for this. Last month, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar arrived in Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. At that time, a statement from the Federal Service of Russia was issued saying that the issue of advance payment of S-400 with India has been resolved.

Advance payment was to be made in 2019 for early delivery

Vladimir Drozhov, deputy director of Russia’s Defense Cooperation Agency, said in July that if Russia gets an advance payment by the end of 2019, India will be handed the first missile defense system by 2020.

What is S-400 Missile Defense System?

The S-400 missile system is an updated version of the S-300. It will also eliminate missiles and fifth generation fighter jets falling within a radius of 400 km. The S-400 defense system will act as a kind of missile shield, protecting India from ballistic missiles with nuclear capability from Pakistan and China. This system can fire 72 missiles at a time. This system can also knock down America’s most advanced fighter jet F-35. At the same time, it can simultaneously destroy 36 nuclear-capable missiles. After China, India is the second country to buy this defense system.

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