13-Year-Old Child Traces a Missing Woman with Go Pro Camera

A 13-year-old child hobby from British Columbia, Canada, discovered a missing woman 27 years ago. Max Varenka takes photographs of Nature with his Go-Pro camera. Recently he was photographed on the banks of the Griffin Lake. So he saw something shiny in the water. When he brought his family, he found that this shiny thing was a car. Max’s mother Nancy said that the car was only 10 feet away from the shore and the water level in the lake was also only 20 feet.

Max went underwater with a Go Pro camera and made a photo and video and handed it to the police. Three days later, when the police pulled this car out of the lake, they also found the skeleton of a woman in it. The 69-year-old woman named Janet Farris, a resident of Vancouver, had been missing since 1992 and nothing had been known about her for 27 years.

Information about woman from car number

Max reveals that he is accustomed to watching things anxiously, but he did not know that his habit could be used to find a woman missing for 27 years. Police said that when they took out this car and checked its number, they came to know that it was Janet’s car. In 1992, Janet went missing at that time. In some accident, his car must have fallen in the lake and had been lying here since then.

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