Woman Rescued From Hurricane Dorian, Shelters 97 Dogs

In Nassau, the capital of the Caribbean island nation of Bahamas, the storm has destroyed the entire life of the island. More than 20 people have died in the storm on September 3, cattle have been swept away. Every person is engaged in protecting himself. Everyone is concerned about the safety of family and home. In such an environment, there is a lot of discussion on the social media about the compassionate nature of a woman named Chela Phillips. He has sheltered the 97 dogs of the island in his home to save them.

The work of Chella Phillippe has been much appreciated in the Washington Post. According to Chela, till Tuesday 3 September, he rescued 97 doggies one by one and kept them in his house. Even their bedrooms have some doggie shelters. The disciples are also giving them breakfast and food. If they had not protected these dogs, many of them would have been affected by the storm, because the whole island is flooded. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed, cars washed away and airports completely closed.

They became friends, didn’t even mess up my bed

Chella Phillips posted photos of the work on other sites including Facebook. After this, people are constantly sending messages to help them. According to his Facebook post, 79 Doggies are housed in his huge master bedroom. A good thing for me is that Doggy is not jumping on my bed, nor making him dirty. They have become friends among themselves.

Crowd Funding for Animal Refugee Camp

Chella Phillips posted a post for crowd funding on Facebook to help her animal refugee camp. This amount is more than three times his estimate. This is not the first time Phillips has helped more than a thousand homeless dogs in the past 15 years.

Animals need more caress than food

In the United States, Chella has built a house for 200 doggie. He has written on his page that no work is impossible, if we have to do something for these beings, then we have to take time. They are all hungry for love, they need more than food. You just pray for us.

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