Phone Numbers of More Than 42 Crore Facebook Users Facebook Leaked

Data on the phone numbers of 41.9 million users associated with social media company Facebook has been leaked. Among the leaked numbers, the highest number is 13.3 million from the US, 50 million from Vietnam and 18 million from the UK. This leak also included all the information such as the name, gender and address of the users. Through this, users can face incidents like fake calls and sim swapping. The leaked numbers also included the numbers of some big celebrities.

According to a report by the American technology news site Tech Crunch, the main reason for the leak is the server’s password is not protected, due to which it is quite easy to access. In this case, a Facebook spokesperson has said that some parts of the report are correct, but this data is quite old. ┬áThere is no need to fear this, because after the Cambridge Analytica episode surfaced in 2018, Facebook has stopped the facility of finding any Facebook users through mobile numbers. The company says that not a single case of account hacking has been revealed through this data. Facebook has removed this data after getting into controversies.

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