India at Number 34 in Tourism Rankings, Up Six Places from Last Time

This year India reached 34th place in the ranking of global travel and tourism competition. This was revealed in the report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This time the ranking of the country has moved up six places as compared to last time. India was ranked 40th in 2017. The Forum said in the report that India is very rich in natural and cultural resources. Also in terms of price, tourism in India is very competitive.

Many low-income countries included in the top-35

The report said that most of the GDP of travel and tourism in South Asia comes from India. India is still the most competitive travel-tourism economy in the subcontinent. According to the report, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil and India are not high-income economies. But all these are included in the top-35 countries in the category of cultural resources and business travel. The main reason for this is their prosperity in terms of their natural and cultural resources and being competitive in terms of price.

India’s ranking better in 5 categories

India is ranked 33rd in the category of better environment, while countries are ranked 28th in ground and port infrastructure. In addition, India is ranked 51 in international acceptance, 14th in natural beauty and 8th in cultural resource category. A total of 140 countries are included in this index. Spain has topped the WEF ranking. It is followed by France in second, Germany in third, Japan in fourth and America in fifth. Britain’s ranking has slipped from fifth place to sixth.

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