From December 1, tolls will be cash free, no entry on the highway of vehicles without fast tag

The Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 has now taken the form of law. The government is trying to implement this law strictly. However, initially some provisions of the law will be implemented only. Gradually other provisions of the law will also be strictly implemented. Trains without a fast tag will not be able to run on the national highway for one day. In order to cross the toll on the highway, the Transport Ministry has made the fast tag required on every vehicle. Simultaneously, strictures will be started on traffic violators on the road from September 1. The central government is going to implement 63 provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act from September 1 across the country. In which there is a provision of heavy penalty and punishment for breaking traffic rules.

Looking at the way road accidents are happening across the country, the central government is trying to reduce them with a comprehensive plan. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that a target has been set to reduce the accident by 50 per cent in the next five years and for this, the central government will spend Rs 14000 crores on improving roads and eliminating block spots across the country. Under which work will be done on the design, repair, improvement and construction of roads from the roads of the states and municipalities to the highway. Along with this, the government is going to implement the rules of the new Motor Vehicle Act to deal strictly with those driving recklessly on the road. After consulting the Law Ministry, the Center has made it necessary to implement 63 provisions of the new Motor Vehicle Act Act from September 1 to every state. States will be able to change the rest of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act according to their own.

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