Iraq: 10 ISIS Militants Killed In Airstrikes And Clashes

A total of 10 Islamic State (IS) militants were killed in airstrikes by US-led coalition forces in western Iraq and fighting with security forces. The Iraqi army gave this information. The news agency Xinhua avoided quoting the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) statement that it (CTS) conducted a raid on Monday in coordination with the International Coalition Aircraft and airstrikes on IS bases in the desert of Iraq’s western province of Anbar attacked. Later, CTS air force troops carried out an airdrop operation at the bombed site and clashed with extremist militants, eight of whom were killed, the statement said.

It further stated that later, the soldiers searched the hideout and found two suicide bombers wearing explosive belts, killing one, while the other blew himself up, leaving the soldiers unharmed. The security situation in Iraq had dramatically improved after Iraqi security forces completely defeated extremist IS militants across the country in late 2017. However, some of the remaining IS militants are carrying out continuous guerrilla attacks against the security forces and civilians and these terrorists have resorted to desert and rugged areas as safe areas.

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