People with More Jobs Are More Depressed Than Unemployed People

Four out of five working people in Australia are in an unsafe working practice environment and are either injured, ill or suffering from painful conditions at work due to this. A survey has revealed this. The report by the news agency Xinhua said that this survey named ‘Work Shouldn’t hurt’ was released by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) on Monday, surveying 26,000 workers. This survey reveals that about 80 percent of working people are injured, ill or both due to their work.

It also found that 47 per cent of the participants reported that they had faced distressing or painful situations during work in the last 12 months and 31 per cent said they had been abused, threatened or beaten by colleagues, clients or clients done. Three out of five workers stated that they have been experiencing poor mental health for the past 12 months, as their employer has failed to improve unsafe working conditions.

ACTU assistant secretary Liam O’Brien told Fairfax Media on Monday that incidents of injury or mental health impairment could have been ‘completely avoided’. He said, “No one should have trouble at work – whether it is mentally or physically.” He added, “The Work Shouldn’t Hurt Survey shows that many working people are experiencing violence, harassment and poor working conditions at work while most of it can be prevented.”

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